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Traditionally, the veneration of particular saints begins with local celebration. In the early centuries of the church, this included local martyrs, whose tombs were sites of commemoration of their witness.  Later their relics were moved to the local parish church, and typically enshrined in or under the altar, and ceremonial remembrance of their lives became a regular aspect of parish life everywhere.  In time, particular saints received wider veneration, and so began regional and universal church kalendars of commemorations. The codification of these kalendars led to more centralized structures for recognizing individuals as saints.
In the Episcopal Church, our general kalendar is determined by the General Convention of the Epsicopal Church and is published in the Book of Common Prayer and Lesser Feasts and Fasts.  Following tradition, we at Holy Trinity - Saint Anskar extend veneration to those worthies who, in the eyes of the community, have lived lives in which we discern an abundance of God's grace or who have born notable witness to the will of God.

Here is a list of particular saints commemorated in our worship who may not yet be recognized in the kalendar of the Epsicopal Church, or may be commemorated on other days. A number of these saints are venerated in other chuches.
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John Donne March 31
Tikhon of Moscow April 7
Sophia, Fath, Hope & Love August 1
Constantine & Helena (Holy Cross) September 9
Stephen Biko September 12
The Jesuit Martyrs of El Salvador November 16
Harvey Milk November 27
Dorothy Day November 29
The Martyrs of El Salvador December 2