The Holy Trinity Who are We?

Who Are We?
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  We at Holy Trinity and Saint Anskar value the orthodox liturgy,
and express a reverence for the traditions of the Anglican Communion. 
We believe worship must involve all the senses: we make use of icons,
incense, music, and, of course, bread and wine.  We have a small
chant schola which sings portions of the ancient liturgy of the church,
and you will hear in our worship much which has been left behind by the
modern church.  Our worship is modern, however, because we do it today.

We are committed socially and politically to full inclusion of everyone who
joins us to shape his or her worth.  Many of those who have attended Holy
Trinity/St. Anskar in the past have said they felt comfortable in our parish
when their previous church experience had been uncomfortable for them. 
We are small, and after some time most people assume some helpful task
willingly and fairly quickly.  We welcome participation, and we welcome
differences of opinion.  Most of us are politically left, some radically so,
but we welcome as well the conservative thinkers who keep us honest.

Above all, we are committed to doing our best to show how we love one
another.  And we feel strongly about the beauty and dignity of the traditions
which have come to us from Holy Mother Church; the importance of ritual
and story and the sacramental nature of our lives.